im·​plic·​it | \ im-ˈpli-sət | im-plis-it

implicit is about Aaron (White Officer) that experiences a traumatic event as a child that influences the way he looks at society. Not completely understanding the repercussions of his actions one day he hits a pivotal point in his life where he almost killed a black citizen during an encounter. Luckily one of his fellow officers pulled him off the citizen before anything fatal happened. As he comes to terms with what happened to him as a child he starts to realize what he has been doing and is determined to make amends to what damages he has caused.

The film explores the concept of implicit biases and racism, showcasing how the world around us has the ability to influence who we become as a person. Sometimes those events are minor and almost go undetected and other times the events are major which have a profound effect on use as individuals.